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Explore the Lake's hidden gems.

Classy, Comfy, Como.

Meet the Boats

Classic SpeedBoat

Enjoy Lake Como breathtaking views from this stilish boat. 

Perfect for families, small groups of friends and couples to experience a peacful and unforgettable trip on water


Max 4 Guests

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Venetian Boat Limousine

You're a group of more people looking forward to enjoying a relaxing adventure on the lake? Then this Venetian Limousine is perfect for you.

Max 8 Guests

Meet the Boats
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1954 Luxury Runaboat

Discover the wonders of Lake Como with our historic boat, entirely built in solid mahogany wood.
The perfect combination of luxury and comfort. The ideal boat for private and picturesque getaways.

Max 6 Guests

Gozzo Classic Boat

Classic Open Gozzo

Want a little different experience on board with a larger boat? Then our Gozzo Classic Boat will be the perfect choice for you!


Max 6 Guests


1 hour tour

From 280€

We'll reply in less than 1 hour.

Please provide us with date of trip, tour duration, type of boat and we'll get back with a price Offer Perfect for you! 

When would you like to tour Lake Como?

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Our Tours

At Como On Boat, we understand that every traveler is unique. That's why we've carefully crafted a range of tours to suit every taste and time constraint. Whether you're pressed for time or eager to indulge in a leisurely journey, we've got you covered with our selection of unforgettable Lake Como experiences.

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Photo Gallery

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Franciacorta Tasting on Board

Elevate your Lake Como experience with our exclusive "Franciacorta Tasting on Board" offering. Combine the serene beauty of Lake Como with the exquisite taste of Franciacorta, one of Italy's most prestigious sparkling wines. This exceptional experience allows you to indulge in luxury as you discover the enchanting scenery of Lake Como from the comfort of our premium boats.

Image by Julia Solonina


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Ascend on your aerial adventure with breathtaking panoramas and descend to indulge in gourmet experiences at esteemed Michelin-starred establishments around Lake Como and beyond (Lake Maggiore, Milan, Bergamo…).


Our itineraries are crafted to provide seamless transitions from sky to sublime dining, ensuring culinary excellence is a highlight of your tour.

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Image by Julia Solonina


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