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About Us

A short story of Como On Boat

Como On Boat provides an exceptional boating experience on the stunning Lake Como. As a newly established business, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service to our customers.

Our primary focus is on the comfort of our boat, ensuring that our guests have a relaxing and enjoyable time on the water.


We take pride in maintaining our vessel to the highest standard, providing a smooth and comfortable ride for our customers.

In addition to our commitment to comfort and showcasing the beauty of Lake Como, we are also proud to have Lorenzo as our founder. With a deep passion for the lake and its surrounding areas, Lorenzo knows every single part of the water, from the hidden coves to the most stunning viewpoints.


He can guide you through the most breathtaking spots of the lake, share fascinating insights into the history and culture of the area, and even recommend the best local restaurants for a delicious meal.

Lerocch Catering - Vittuone.jpg
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